The Source… Names and how we perceive them…

Do you believe in a higher power or intelligence?

Do you accept there is one God? One Creator? Or maybe you follow many different named Gods or Goddesses? Maybe you believe in no gods.

Names can be misleading. When we give a name to someone, we are then identifying that particular person. We also add a ‘surname’ for further clarification. Maybe a nickname is also added.  In most cases this is enough to serve our needs. We all understand who the person is; they have indistinguishability.

But when we speak about God or Deity it becomes more difficult. There are so many different names.  Are we to understand, then, that there are many different Deities?  Or is it that we all speak a different language, and choose from its specific lexis? Are we all speaking about the same phenomenon?  When you get to the root of all religion and sweep away all the rituals, rites, traditions and cultural influences; when you look behind all the New Age revelations, and everything else in between, whats left?

The unnameable ….unutterable..that which can’t be identified as indistinguishable?  Why? Because ‘it’  is the ‘source’ of all that is. All that is includes everything that we know and everything we don’t know….we can’t give a name to the ineffable…

I do not intend to go into a deep discussion about Religion, and I certainly do not mean to offend or criticise beliefs.  The reason for my musings were sparked off this morning after pulling out a card from one of my inspirational teachings packs.

I have been so excited recently, by the discovery of Abraham Hicks . I have added a link to their website. I am sure that they won’t mind me sharing this.  Ester and Jerry Hicks have been sharing the Abraham Hicks spiritual teachings since 1986! So this is not new. Just new to me!

Anyway, I bought a card set called,’Ask and it is Given cards’. The card I pulled out at random, today, was about ‘The Source’. That is what prompted me to write this blog post today. It says:

‘What If Source Were Standing In My Physical Shoes?’ on the front, with a nice folksy bright picture.

On the back is an excerpt from the actual Abraham teachings, which were channelled, or inspired, or whatever you want to call it, through Ester Hicks, by non-physical intelligence, which collectively named itself ‘Abraham’.

Abraham states that it is not our job to make things happen in our lives.  We just need to decide what it is that we want. Then keep ourselves ‘in alignment’ with our desires.  We need to  ‘consciously feel our way into alignment’. Or if it feels good you are on the right path. Listen to  your emotions.

Abraham tells us that we are all part of and connected to The Source, and that we are here in the physical world to experience joy.  That we are all-powerful creators who have the ability to create our own reality….to live life how we wish….to be free to choose…we just need to follow our bliss!!!

Bring it on!!!





So You Want To Be Happy? Let’s Start Today!

Well a Happy 2017 to you!  I am sorry to have taken so long to write.  It has been a difficult time over Christmas…too many empty chairs at our table… health issues…sadness…battling with so many emotions…overwhelmed!!!

But you don’t want to hear about all that, I’m sure!

I don’t know what to write about today, but I just wanted to re-connect.  A new year, a fresh start?  I so want to be happy. How about you?  Is it possible to become happy when suffering from depression, anxiety, grief and chronic pain, diabetes and high blood pressure?  I wish I could just get on with living.  Everyone has their own problems to deal with; we are all in it together, this thing called life.  We all have different lessons to learn.  On the surface, it can seem unfair.  Some seem to have it all, a charmed life…others have horrendous difficulties.  But we can’t and shouldn’t compare ourselves with other people. We don’t know their story.

Happiness is found within, apparently…not ‘out there’.  So how do we get to it?  How can you overcome the gnawing pit of misery that robs you of joy every day.

‘You have to ‘decide’ to become happy,’ the positivity brigade state with all the authority of idealistic simplicity.  Simples!!! Then everything will fall into place.  Life will become rosy… the Universe will divert all good things your way.

Ok, so I now ‘decide’ to be happy!  Are you with me?

From this day…Wednesday 18th January I will be happy.  There, I’ve said it!

I am happy today in every way!

I look for the joy in every small moment!

I fill my life with gratitude!

Watch this space!!!!15658900_1285923268096879_1154569158_o



Warning!!! Taboo subject… Facing up to the D subject…will it ever get any easier?

Grief: When a Loved One has died and you are struggling to come to terms with life without them….



Losing a Parent or loved one is a devastating event for most of us.  Something that you never get over.  It will change you as a person.  Life will NEVER be the same!

Death is a subject that we don’t like to talk about.  Taboo.  Sweep it under the carpet.  Morbid.  We don’t like to think about our own mortality.  But sometimes we can’t avoid it.  It is one of life’s certainties!

I have been pretty open about the subject, since a young age.  Fascinated by the questions it poses. wanting to know more.  I have studied it from different angles, various religious perspectives, and finally come to a place where I am happy to accept that once the body can no longer function, it dies.  But that is not the end of the story.  The life force, spirit, soul, the ‘I’ that has a body, the real ‘you’; what happens to that part?

I truly believe that we are more than our body, and that part of us is indestructible. That the intelligent, thinking, feeling, person is not just a lump of grey matter that stops existing when the brain shuts down.  I am sure that our ‘essence’ lives on in another reality.  This is being revealed, now, by the new physics.  Particularly by workers in the field of Quantum Physics.Quantum link

This is all very exciting and interesting, but whatever your beliefs, you are still going to feel a huge emptiness for those people who have gone.

I have been struggling to come to terms with the death of my Mum, who died in April 20014.  It has been a very dark and difficult time.  Not wanting to leave the house, because of all the memories that meet me on every corner.  Her house is directly across from ours.  All the places we went together are now out-of-bounds to me.  Her books, jewellery, bric a brack, photos, etc, now clutter up my own house.  It’s too early to bear to part with them.

But yesterday I conquered one of the hardest challenges on my road to acceptance….

The hospital records that I ordered, the day she died.  A great thick wad of documents, sealed in a grey plastic envelope, that has sat on top of a bookcase for nearly two years.

I was too scared to open them.

But for some time they had been on my mind.  I felt the urge to look.  To look for answers…reasons for why she died.  She had been taken ill suddenly; always healthy and active, she suddenly complained of being breathless one Sunday morning. We took her to the hospital and she never went home. In intensive care, hooked up to a ventilator, and unable to speak again to us.  She was dead within a month.

Yesterday I opened the packet and read the notes.  I now understand just how ill she was, and how hard those Doctors and Nurses worked to try to help her.

I think I have turned a corner!  I think I am now beginning the healing process towards acceptance.  I will never get over losing Mum, but I can begin to move on with my life.  I feel different about it today.  I can begin to accept, now, that her body was unable to support her any longer.  It was her time to leave.  It is my time to say goodbye to her, now.

Her Spirit is free now, to continue in another life, and I have to allow her to move on.  So today is that day when I learn to let go….I will always miss her…and will probably still cry forever more….but its time to move on.



Living (and eating) in Andalucia…


Morning coffee at THE FIG AND OLIVE …Torremolinos…

The friendliest place to go for a great tasting FULL ENGLISH BREAKFAST….GREAT SERVICE, GREAT PRICE.  If you are in the area, call in and say hello to Jackie & George, your hosts, who will always give you a big welcome!

Happiness comes in unexpected ways


I have not been posting on here for some weeks, and the reason is this cheeky little chappie! This is Pip, the latest addition to our home and family.  He is adorable and infuriating at the same time!  He came along at a very low point in my life, quite unexpectedly.  I saw an advert on the local dog rescue page. They urgently needed a foster home for him. I immediately applied to help. He would make a good companion for my little Phoebe, my timid little rescue dog that I have recently adopted.

It was very impulsive of me, but I didn’t think I would have any chance of getting him because loads of people had applied.  He is such a cute looking boy.

Imagine my surprise, that evening, when I found a message asking if I could take him. Whoa!!! I hadn’t mentioned it to Peter, my hubby, yet.  I watched myself type ‘Yes’ and then made a mental note to worry about the details later.  Excitement was rising and making me feel giddy.  It would be fine, I told myself.  Two dogs would be easy, they will play together.  He is only 11 months old and would be bounding with energy, unlike Phoebe who is older and likes to laze about.  I have chronic fatigue how would I cope?  Would Peter be angry?

Well, he arrived three weeks ago, and it was love at first sight!  Phoebe loves him too, and he is settling in really well.  Yes, I am exhausted! It is hard work training a young dog.  I have twisted my ankle whilst out walking with him, and its very painful.  He barks too much, and needs socializing with other dogs.  We have a lot of work to do, but he has brought us so much joy, too.  It’s wonderful to see the two dogs play together.  Phoebe didn’t know how to play, until Pip came along.  My depression has taken a back seat too!  I have been so busy and so focused; its done me good.




You Are Not Your Body…Learn About The Truth… That We Are All Eternal Beings…This Life On Earth Is A Stage Of Existence…

dec xmas 2015 059Excellent website for learning about the Afterlife

I just wanted to tell you about this…

I have no connection to this website, except as a subscriber. But I feel that the information and links that are freely given are just too important to be ignored.

Why not take a look yourself and explore the many posts, videos, and links that are here about the mysteries of death. Aquaint yourself with this most fascinating subject, for it is one that we all share.  It tells you about the destiny of eternity that awaits us after our so called death.  It shares lots of uplifting evidence and links to further resources to further your understanding.

from-phone-20-aug-2016-300 Start to learn about the beauty of our eternal lives…learn about the truth…that you are a spiritual light being that is temporarily living on Earth, in a material body. You are here to learn, to experience life, to develop and to learn how to love unconditionally.  You need have no fear, no fear of death, no fear of lonliness or pain. For these things are only fleeting; are only of the body and are not lasting.  So learn to live without fear, and begin today!  Love yourself and be gentle with yourself. Respect your wonderful body, that houses your Spirit and treat it well.  It is only yours to use for a short time, but make that time count. Use it wisely.  Remember to connect often with nature to soothe your soul. Eat the living foods that Earth provides for you and reject all poisonous substances.  Let love be your mantra and your guiding force, as you go through life.


SharonMariefrom phone 20 aug.2016 2655