The Source… Names and how we perceive them…

Do you believe in a higher power or intelligence?

Do you accept there is one God? One Creator? Or maybe you follow many different named Gods or Goddesses? Maybe you believe in no gods.

Names can be misleading. When we give a name to someone, we are then identifying that particular person. We also add a ‘surname’ for further clarification. Maybe a nickname is also added.  In most cases this is enough to serve our needs. We all understand who the person is; they have indistinguishability.

But when we speak about God or Deity it becomes more difficult. There are so many different names.  Are we to understand, then, that there are many different Deities?  Or is it that we all speak a different language, and choose from its specific lexis? Are we all speaking about the same phenomenon?  When you get to the root of all religion and sweep away all the rituals, rites, traditions and cultural influences; when you look behind all the New Age revelations, and everything else in between, whats left?

The unnameable ….unutterable..that which can’t be identified as indistinguishable?  Why? Because ‘it’  is the ‘source’ of all that is. All that is includes everything that we know and everything we don’t know….we can’t give a name to the ineffable…

I do not intend to go into a deep discussion about Religion, and I certainly do not mean to offend or criticise beliefs.  The reason for my musings were sparked off this morning after pulling out a card from one of my inspirational teachings packs.

I have been so excited recently, by the discovery of Abraham Hicks . I have added a link to their website. I am sure that they won’t mind me sharing this.  Ester and Jerry Hicks have been sharing the Abraham Hicks spiritual teachings since 1986! So this is not new. Just new to me!

Anyway, I bought a card set called,’Ask and it is Given cards’. The card I pulled out at random, today, was about ‘The Source’. That is what prompted me to write this blog post today. It says:

‘What If Source Were Standing In My Physical Shoes?’ on the front, with a nice folksy bright picture.

On the back is an excerpt from the actual Abraham teachings, which were channelled, or inspired, or whatever you want to call it, through Ester Hicks, by non-physical intelligence, which collectively named itself ‘Abraham’.

Abraham states that it is not our job to make things happen in our lives.  We just need to decide what it is that we want. Then keep ourselves ‘in alignment’ with our desires.  We need to  ‘consciously feel our way into alignment’. Or if it feels good you are on the right path. Listen to  your emotions.

Abraham tells us that we are all part of and connected to The Source, and that we are here in the physical world to experience joy.  That we are all-powerful creators who have the ability to create our own reality….to live life how we wish….to be free to choose…we just need to follow our bliss!!!

Bring it on!!!





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