Taking Responsibility For Our Own Health…even small changes in our diet could make a big difference to how we feel. Do you eat enough fruit?

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I am really trying to improve my diet and see if I can start to feel better.  Nothing that I do seems to make any difference, but I am not giving in!  I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I am going to incorporate Turmeric for its anti-depression, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Chronic nerve pain (Peripheral Neuropathy) and Anxiety/Depression, along with crushing fatigue are my daily battles.  I never feel well.  Never wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and energised.  Never feel happy. But I am a fighter! I have been living with this for twelve years and I’m still here!  There have been many times when I wish I didn’t have to live, when its been unbearable. Most days I get like that at some point.  As time has gone on, its got worse, not better.

Medication is helpful to a point, it dulls the pain. But the side effects are not good.  I am on the best I can be from what is available.  Doctors are at a loss how to treat this condition, apart from trying to manage the symptoms.  Especially since they don’t know the cause of mine.  They just know that my small nerve fibres are damaged and so signals are impaired. It’s the sensory nerves that are affected.  They are hyper-sensitive to pain, temperature, touch etc…and affects me in so many ways.

The thing is I look normal.  Which is great, yes, but you don’t get any kind of allowances from people…when I don’t do things that they expect. Like socialize or work or do the housework properly etc and all the million things that ordinary people just do without thinking.  They just think I’m shiftless or lazy.  You get tired of explaining.

Anyway, I am trying to make an effort and look after my body.  So the other step I am taking is to eat more fruit.  I have never been a great fruit eater. Living in a cold climate, one is more inclined towards puddings,sweets and cakes.  So I have bought lots of berries, apples,oranges,bananas and I intend to eat them everyday.


Another thing is to add omega 3 in the form of Algae capsules, and vitamin D tablets. As I am vegetarian, I take B12.  along with a multi B vitamin supplement.

Then I walk two or three times a day with my little dog, not far but its uphill coming back.

So that’s it for now.  We can only keep trying! I will keep you posted.  Thanks for listening.  Hope it helps inspire someone to try it too.  Just small steps, small changes, one day at a time.

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