Living within your Limits and Acceptance…Learning to Let go…How we can find fulfilment in the simple things…

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Hello friends and welcome to my little corner of cyberspace.  The photo above is of Phoebe, my recently acquired rescue dog.  She has actually rescued me.  Through her I now leave the house daily, get a little exercise, and fresh air. Whereas, six months ago, I was too scared to go out for various reasons. One because of the fear of my Chronic painful condition (Peripheral Neuropathy), and also because of the recent death of my Mum. Because she lived across from me, I am surrounded by painful memories.

Getting the dog was a conscious decision.  I needed a focus. I had so much pain, yet so much love inside me and no outlet.  With Mum gone I was lonely.  I was longing for a dog to care for and love.  I knew that I would not be able to manage an energetic puppy or active breed.  I had made that mistake once, by taking in a Springer Spaniel just a month after Mum died. He was a beautiful dog but too full of energy for me to handle.  He was very strong on the lead and I just couldn’t cope with him.  He was never still for a minute. But oh what a Joy! I wish I could have kept him. He brought so much laughter into our lives.  Alas, I had to realise my limitations and give him back to the rescue. He had new owners queuing up for him, so was going to be ok.

A year later,as a potential Foster owner,I was asked by the Rescue Organisation, if I could take Phoebe.  The photo showed a tiny, scruffy, skinny and dirty looking mongrel. Not at all cute.  I accepted.  The rest is history. She has now been officially ‘adopted’ and part of the family. I love her so much.  With all her quirky little habits and funny ways, she is unlike any other dog I have ever known.  But she is who she is, and won’t be changed.  We love her, and have gently allowed her to be herself.  She was so scared of everything at first.  She is still very sensitive.  But she has accepted her new life, and is becoming more relaxed.  She doesn’t know how to play with toys etc…but loves her tummy tickling.  She seems happy and content.  Even though her life is very limited.  She loves her little walks around the block, or sitting outside in the garden.  Loves her food, and her cosy bed.  Loves a cuddle and meeting other dogs.  We can learn so much from being with animals….They live in the moment, accept what is, and enjoy the simple things in life.

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When life turns out to be not what you expected, we have to learn to accept.  It can be very difficult.  Our first instincts may be to refuse, or reject things not to our liking.  We may struggle and fight circumstances beyond our control.  We become frustrated, stressed out, and exhausted.  We may become depressed and Anxious, and make ourselves unwell in body and mind.  Eventually, in time, we may be forced to realise that there is nothing we can do to change the actual events that have happened.  They have happened.  But we can do a lot to change our attitude towards our circumstances.  If we can learn to accept things, we can free ourselves from the cycle of anger, from frustration, and the stress which can cause more dis-ease.

If there are things you can no longer do because of physical difficulty, for example, then try to focus on what you CAN do.  You may discover new ways of doing things, or new skills.  You may now find that you have more TIME and so are able to explore a whole new world of interests that was impossible before.

Ok! you might not be living life on the edge, having exciting adventures in the far reaches of the Arctic circle, or whatever floated your previous boat! But eventually, after the initial shock, anger, refusal and rejection, you will settle down and begin to accept.  You will start to find joy again in the simple things. The beauty of nature, the satisfaction of making something, a good book, whatever it may be.  You will begin to appreciate things that you were too busy to notice.  Once you accept things you can’t change, you will be free to start living again.  By letting go of fear, being kind to yourself and knowing your limits, you can begin to find joy again.  For the World is a beautiful place and each day that we are here is a gift.

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