Natural treatment for Depression & Anxiety…Turmeric/Black Pepper smoothie …Dr.Mike

Good Morning Friends, I hope it is a good weekend for you.  I am excited to share this with you today…A friend sent me a video link by Dr Mike. I am going to try this…He talks about natural ways to combat depression and Anxiety using things like Turmeric, and omega 3’s plus lots of other advice. I recommend you watching the video here :

Dr Mike …anti depression/Anxiety/inflammation

He gives a good smoothie recipe for incorporating the turmeric & black pepper

As a vegetarian, I know I am at risk of deficiencies. I am not always paying attention to my diet. Apparently, Omega 3’s are vital for brain health and especially the EPA/DHA which is derived from marine animals, such as oily fish. Dr Mike insists that plant based Omega 3’s are not sufficient for our needs.  After watching the video, I have decided to try fish oil capsules, against my vegetarian sensibilities.  I want to beat this depression without resorting to prescription medication.  I am also going to try taking Turmeric, which helps fight the condition. I recommend you watch the video, rather than have me explain how it works.  I will report back on my progress.  Let me know if it works for you.

Best Wishes


ps: If you prefer not to use fish oil, (thanks to The Vegan Mystic) you can use Algae tablets instead. Read this link:

Essential brain food


6 thoughts on “Natural treatment for Depression & Anxiety…Turmeric/Black Pepper smoothie …Dr.Mike

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I am always up for trying new things to help with my depression and anxiety so this is definitely something I am willing to try. I am following your blog so that I can read more.

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  2. Excellent. As it happens today I was making notes on this very subject. I have always taken flax oil but have researched that we could possibly need DHA and EPA too so I have bought further algae capsules. I will not take any chances, mental health far too important. I think a manufacturer will soon cop on and make a perfect blend for ease!

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