Spiritual Group, Mediums, Psychic art, & dreams that continue over several nights!


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Good morning dear internet friends.  I hope you are having a good day today. It’s the first of September! Where has the time gone? I have posted you a photo of a beautiful red rose from the garden as a reminder of summer.  I love Roses don’t you?

Well if you read my post yesterday, I promised to report back on my visit to the local Spiritual group if I managed to get the courage to go. I did go, and it was a pleasant evening.  I went on my own, which was a bit scary because I have not been going out alone for ages.  Anyway, I arrived early just as people were setting things up.  They were all very welcoming and I was offered coffee and biscuits.  Chairs were arranged in rows in front of a small stage. On the stage was a table covered with a royal blue cloth, two glass candlesticks holding two lighted white candles, a glass cross, and a vase of flowers. There was also a blue glass jug of water and drinking glasses.  Small carpet samples were placed on each chair for added comfort.  Children were helping to set things out, and I was given a hand printed booklet of songs. It all seemed very reassuringly homely. No one was in a hurry, even though it was now fifteen minutes later than the seven-thirty start time.

Two ladies in front of me were drawing.  I didn’t like to ask, but was curious.  Eventually proceedings began. The visiting Medium was duly introduced and he started off with a prayer, then we all said the Lords Prayer and then sang the chosen song from the booklet.

The Medium then went straight on to give Clairvoyant readings to people in the audience. He said that he had seen Spirit since being a small child.  Then he came to me!!!

I have been praying to hear from my Mum who passed away eighteen months ago.  Well, he said he had a lady for me who had similar facial features to me. He went on to describe what sounded very much like my Mum! Although I afterwards thought that perhaps it was all a bit general and vague…and could have been given to anyone. I got nothing specific, no names, except one which I didn’t recognise. No dates. A number 38 which meant nothing to me. He accurately said she was very poorly before she passed, but again it could apply to most people?  He said she fought it for a long time but was glad to eventually go. Well, she was suddenly taken ill and was in hospital for a month in intensive care before we had to make the decision to have support switched off! He never mentioned any of that.  He said her hair was beautifully done.  Mum was sensitive about her hair, as she lost it all very young to alopecia. She wore a wig, but had to have it removed in hospital. (Its cutting me up writing this…gonna have to stop!)  He said a lot of other things which could have fit, but yet they were not obvious things which would have proved without any doubt that it was my Mum.  So, I was happy to have got a message last night, but on reflection this morning, it was rather disappointing.

It turned out that the two ladies in front of me were doing ‘Psychic Art’. One was using her left hand to draw rather than her usually dominant right hand.  It was an impressive landscape. She said that she had not been doing it long. She had a folder with her containing some other drawings which were quite beautiful.  Some were portraits.  She said that she had never drawn anything before this!  The other lady had encouraged this one to start drawing.  This lady had been doing it since a child. Her drawings were in colour and more symbolic.  It was very interesting.

Just a quick mention…..My dream sequence….have you ever had a dream that continued over several nights?  I have never before experienced this. It’s so weird. It started with a dream about work. I was going to be leaving this job, apparently (even though I don’t work, and have not for a few years) on the Friday, because I had been offered a new position.  It was a better job, with more responsibility and a better salary. The amount I would be earning was quite specific. It continued the night after, and again all about leaving on Friday. Then last night,(In my dream) I had two women visit my home, who were training me for this new job! They wanted me to practise with these headsets…like headphones with a microphone attached. Talk about weird!

Anyway, that’s about it for now. I shall go and see what the postman has brought today, and report back maybe tomorrow.

Bye for now,

SharonMarie x



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