Ever been shopping to alleviate depression?..feeling lighter?.. this always happens when I have been on a low

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Shopping is a good therapy, but my best medicine is browsing on the web….and I usually end up buying books!  I just LOVE books.  Proper books, I mean. Yes I have a kindle and do sometimes get ebooks. But I am usually disappointed. I like the feel of a real book, and the look and smell of it.  I like that you can stack it on a shelf or a table, pick it up, flick through it, put it down.

So yesterday I was in a bad place, a low mood. Today I’m feeling lighter. I want to try to fight this without medication. So I prayed for help…asked the higher consciousness, the God force, Spirit guides, Angels…asked for a way to overcome this sadness and grief that I feel from losing Mum. Asked for the easing of depression, negativity, and lethargy in my life.    I was led to read various articles and blog posts, which led me to all kinds of interesting ideas. I ended up ordering some spiritual and self help books.

One of them came today…‘Is There Life After Death? The Extraordinary Science Of What Happens When We Die’ by Anthony Peake.

I am also wondering about visiting a local Spiritual centre.  I may go this evening, if I don’t lose courage.  I have been thinking about it for months.  I’ll let you know the results.  I think the time is right.  All through my life I have been passionate about the questions of life and death.  I keep returning to it.  It never leaves me.  Life just gets in the way, sometimes.

If you like spiritual books, I started another blog a while ago, where I talk about some of the books I have collected over the years….Books I have read on my Spiritual Journey

I should just mention that today I have taken a large bag of clothes, shoes, and books to the local Hospice Charity shop.  So that is going to help the declutter, and offset my book buying obsession, ( Ha ha, hopefully).

Got to get going, meal to prepare for my hard working, lovely Hubby.  Steak and Ale Pie, new potatoes and broccoli, followed by Fresh Strawberries and Ice-cream.

Take care, friends, until next time,




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