We Really Don’t Die!

dec xmas 2015 061Hello again lovely people!  Well, I must tell you all about the latest book I have been reading! 

Victor Zammit – ‘What happens when we Die? A Lawyer Presents The Evidence For The Afterlife.’

Wow! It’s all in here! If you are serious about learning the truth about life, and you long for   answers, this is a good place to start. All you need is a healthy skepticism and an open mind.  Mr Zammit presents a logical account of the evidence for what happens to us when we die. He also covers related subjects of the ‘Paranormal’, such as Telepathy, Near Death Experience, Out of Body Experience, different forms of ‘communication’ with those who have passed on, etc.

I have been studying this subject for over thirty years, and highly recommend this book. My Dad was a powerful Trance, Physical and Healing Medium, which is what got me interested in the subject to begin with. My Great Aunt was a practising medium of the Spiritualist National Union .  I have also trained with the SNU and Corinthian church, as well as sat in private circles for over twenty years. I studied Religion and Beliefs at Uni, and have a Post Grad in teaching R.E. After all this time, I remain convinced of the reality of survival of the Human Spirit beyond the Death of the Physical body.  I also believe that it has nothing to do with Organised Religion, but is a part of ‘Science.’

Visit the link Afterlife to find out more about it.



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