Having a Treacle Day Today


Hello Friends, thanks for stopping by.  I just feel like yuck today.  I’m sure you don’t really want to know that, or are even mildly interested. ….Oh hang on the postman is here…I ordered some storage boxes from ‘ the Works’. They were only £10.00 for two, which is a bargain price. They are strong and quite roomy and look nice too.The Works.  No I don’t get paid for advertising, but just wanted to tell you about them. They sell lots of crafty goodies, too. Really good prices. Great way to cheer yourself up if you are feeling low.

Yeah, as I was saying before, it’s going to be one of those days today. A treacle day.  I feel as though my body is made of lead, and everything is an effort. Like sinking in a pot of thick black treacle, and trying to get out again. Urgh! I hate these days.

The sun is shining outside and I have the whole day to do as I like. Except all I want to do is sit here. I don’t know why. I slept ok. I have been out on a short stroll with the dog…because I have to…that is one reason why I got a dog…to force me out of the house.

It could be my medication. I have been on a new one for night-time, which is supposed to  help me sleep but not leave me too drowsy the day after.  Well on the lowest dose, it made me very drowsy, so I am trying to take it every other day. I think it’s not working.

I hate having to take pills. I wouldn’t touch them if it wasn’t for the pain of Neuropathy click here to learn more about this that has plagued me for 12 yrs. Chronic pain has ruined my life, life as it was.  Now I am learning to live despite having it. The pain of damaged nerves is like no other.  Unless you have it, you cannot imagine what it is like. Think of your worst toothache, multiplied by ten, running up and down your legs and under your feet, inside all your toes, fingers, anywhere. Then imagine that pain for the rest of your life, every day. It never stops! Ever! I’m not after sympathy here.  I’m just trying to spread awareness of this awful condition. For which there is no cure! Treatment options are very poor. Limited to a few medications which at best just take the edge off the pain, but have many awful side effects.  We need more research, more awareness of this condition.

Some of the other issues that sufferers of Peripheral Neuropathy  may have to deal with, as I do, click here for info on support group are those of anxiety and depression. (Hence the name ‘Treacle Days’)

But hey, what a wonderful thing this blogging is….it helps to focus the mind.  I feel better already.  Think I’ll go and open my parcel..see what else I bought.  Oops!  I really shouldn’t be buying stuff.  But that’s another story.

Thanks for listening!  If you got this far! I appreciate every single one of you!

Much Love,

SharonMarie xxx




7 thoughts on “Having a Treacle Day Today

  1. i have some understanding of your pain and the frustrations that come along with it. i myself have fibromyalgia and have also had to learn to live around it. finding a new normal was not easy has taken me years to come to good terms with it all. 🙂 i wish you the very best and am glad you have found blogging to be some help!

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    • Thanks for your encouragement, Maureen. I’m sorry to hear that you have Fibromyalgia. We share a lot of similar symptoms and difficulties. Glad that you have managed to come to terms with it and find a way to live. It is a hard thing to do.

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      • Well i thank you for saying. its hard to for people to wrap their head around if they are not dealing w it themselves and i can understand that so i dont usually talk about it much to family and friends. plus i dont want them to feel bad for me or i dont want to seem like im complaining but really being in pain everyday all day sucks no two ways about it. i try to get good sleep at night even if i have to take lyrica to do so im ok with that and i try to remember to drink water all day. And i make sure i laugh as much as possible and as you know all to well sometimes thats not an easy thing to do. you keep right on sharing we all need an outlet thats for sure! 🙂


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