Photo Challenge: Narrow


august sough park walk narrow 098

I took my camera with me, yesterday, on our dog walk. I was looking out for things ‘narrow’. It was good fun and made the walk so much more interesting.  I found and photographed lots of things, but settled on this photograph to share with you.

This is a type of ‘stile’ known as a ‘squeeze stile. A narrow opening in a ‘dry stone wall’ which is used when a footpath crosses a wall. The gap must be narrow enough to prevent livestock from getting through.Usually no more than 9.8 inches. The stone pillars are to support the wall. This one looks to be very old.  We were walking through Sough Park, in Earby, which is now in Lancashire but was once part of Yorkshire. At the top of the park is a footpath which goes across fields and farm land.

We had a lovely walk.  It is so quiet in this area and so much beautiful countryside to explore. Phoebe, my dog, contemplates the stile…as the narrow path ahead beckons…where will it lead?


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