Do our Dreams tell us anything? Or is it all just random?

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Do you remember your dreams?

Are your dreams vivid and in colour?

Do you have a recurring dream, or theme?

I can answer yes to all these questions, for most of the time.  How about you?

I don’t profess to know anything about this subject, but if anyone out there in blog land would like to share their knowledge or experience, you would be most welcome.

I find it to be a fascinating subject.  One that perhaps gives us a glimpse into the sub-conscious?

Or maybe there is more to it than that!

Could our dreams be messages or spiritual guidance ? Could they be memories of our Spirit travels, our journeys out of the body during sleep? There is a belief

 that during sleep our ‘Spirit’ or consciousness can leave the physical body and travel to other realms,or dimensions.Astral Travel

Agree In speaking of the magnetic cord, I mentioned that during sleep the spirit body sometimes visits other places either on earth or in the spirit world. It is not everyone, however, that travels during sleeping hours. It depends entirely upon individual circumstances. When no visiting takes place the spirit body is content merely to linger in the vicinity of the sleeping physical body until such time as the resting period is ended. With some people a desire to visit other parts of the earth is ‘uppermost? in the mind of the sleeper. The reason for doing so will vary according to his tastes or circumstances. Visits to the spirit world are frequently made for some more important purpose, because there is so much useful work that can be done upon such visits. These visits are usually made by people who are conversant with spirit truths, and who are eager to add to their knowledge. While these visitations are in progress they can meet and converse with such of their relatives and friends who have passed into spirit lands before them. Old relationships are renewed indeed, it would be more accurate to say that they are continued since they have not been interrupted. The visitor can gain useful help and guidance upon his earthly affairs from people who, from their superior position in the spirit world, are able to offer assistance.”

Here and Hereafter, Anthony Borgia
pg. Chapt1, 1968

I have a couple of vivid dream memories from last night that I thought I would share with you:

Dream 1

In the first dream, I was in a butcher’s shop getting meat for my husband’s dinner.  I was getting some pork.  But as I watched the butcher slicing the meat, it turned into a pig’s head and I saw into its eyes. They were filled with such deep sadness that I began to cry. I can vividly remember sobbing my heart out in the shop! When asked why I was crying, I replied to the people present that I was a vegetarian and didn’t eat meat and that I was buying the meat for my husband. I felt so upset that this animal had been bred and killed just to satisfy the human plate.

Now I am a Vegetarian, and have been for many years. but I do not preach it to others. I have made a point of not doing.  Each to their own. But on waking, this vivid dream disturbed me. Perhaps I should do more for the rights of animals, I wonder?  Those sad eyes of that pig will haunt me for a long time.

What do people make of this?

Dream 2

It was New Years Eve, and I was getting ready to go out with my husband and some friends. My husband had gone out ahead of me and we would meet up later.  (This is a recurring theme – I frequently have dreams where I am looking for him, it’s always a social event, and always connected to music.) My husband was nowhere to be found. One of the ‘friends,’a man who I do not know and never seen before, was concerned for me. He was giving me a lot of attention.He was asking me about my husband and I remember saying to him that our relationship is very strong, but that he put his music before me. The ‘friend’ said to me that I have been feeling neglected and unloved. I was craving love. He hugged me and then looked deeply into my eyes. His eyes were brown and so warm and filled with love. It made me feel so happy.  Then suddenly I heard this cliché, ‘the eyes are the seat of the soul’. Then I woke up. The phrase still going around in my head.

It seems obvious, now, reading back over this, that I am craving more attention from my husband. Feeling unloved perhaps? Its true. Isn’t it weird how we get these things called dreams?  What are they all about?  Perhaps it is our minds sorting themselves out during sleep. Trying to make sense of our world?

I think I should start writing my dreams down, it could be helpful, and certainly would be interesting!

Thank you for visiting, please leave me a comment if you enjoyed this.

Love and hugs, have a positive day! SharonMarie xxx


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