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Learning all about Blogging –

I have started this Word -Press course. The assignment for day two is to take control of the Title and Tag line.So I have learned how to change the title on my blog.  I have learned that this does not have to be the same as the name of your blog address. Well I chose ‘Treacle days’ for my blog name. I was going to change it but decided against it.  Why Treacle Days? Well, it describes how difficult life can be sometimes.

Treacle is a thick, dark, sticky syrup and if you imagine trying to wade through this stuff…well you get the idea!

We all have baggage to carry, all have problems to solve.  That’s something I have learned along the way.  Everyone has difficulties to overcome.

I have changed the tag line to: ‘swimming against the tide’ as a metaphor of struggle and strife, as well as feelings of ‘being out of sync’ with the mainstream of society.

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