A weekend of contrasts in July…

Not the most inspiring of titles, I know. But if you are reading this, then thank you for stopping by. I just feel the urge to write.  I lead a very mundane life, on the surface of things.  But actually, if you take notice of the details , which you can do when you haven’t got to rush around, things are always happening.  I mean, I could easily write a whole book about just one weekend of my life, talking about the minutiae of humdrum. But I won’t.

Which leads me on to a subject that I have been thinking about a lot lately.  That is living in the moment.  I think the buzz word is mindfulness.   I do find this to be very difficult. My brain seems to be either stuck on rewind, regurgitating all the rubbish that should have been discarded years ago, to leaping ahead and foretelling the future.  Or even worse, thinks it can mind read!  It decides when and where it will perform these tasks quite independently of any input from me.  ( I suffer from being quite normal in between long bouts of depression)  It is brilliant at coming up with the most alarming scenarios whenever I am trying to relax or go to sleep, shower, or read.  It warns me of impending danger well in advance so that I can work myself up into a nervous frenzy at least a month before any event. (Anxiety is another unwelcome friend)

However, I digress;  what I was about to do was tell you about my weekend.  It was a Chilled out Saturday, but a traumatic Sunday. Nothing was planned, which is the norm here.  (Chronic pain being the big sister of the previous two ailments – just to put things into context.)

So Saturday, briefly, went like this:

Slept in late until 9.30am – I am not a morning person – made coffee (took hubby coffee up to bedroom) – made Muesli – took medications and sat in armchair. Said hello to dog, who never even looked up from her bed of cosyness.  She fits in well, here.  I have never known a dog to be so underwhelmed by my appearance in a morning. Any other time she displays normal canine behaviour – well, no, actually she doesn’t  – but her lack of excitement is more pronounced during breakfast.  I’m not sure why, but maybe it could be that she recognises that when owner wears pyjamas and sits in chair with coffee, it’s not going to be interesting for her for at least another hour, at best.  You see my problem with details?  This is me being brief!

Well, after an hour of said sitting, and still feeling like hell on Earth and miserable too, I decided to go back to bed until the pain eased off.

Saturday take two:

Awoke at 1.00pm.  I could hear hubby playing guitar downstairs – amped up! – OMG no .  So I got showered and dressed and then went straight out with Phoebe, the dog, for a short walk.  The sun was out ( a reason to celebrate, here, in the damp North West of England)  so I decided to sit outside in the garden when I returned.

We then had a lovely chilled out day just pottering.  Peter cut the grass, then played in his man shed while I got on with a craft project that I had been working on. ( that will be another story.) We had a late lazy lunch on the patio (table) of pizza and salad, followed by ice-cream.  Phoebe was delighted that we were all outside, and amused herself rolling about on the lawn. It was 10pm by the time we packed up and went back indoors.  It had been a perfect summer day.  We don’t get many like that.  We had been listening to the radio all afternoon.  Hubby has taken an interest in vintage Roberts radios.  They do sound good.  Anyway, instead of the TV, we listened to music for the rest of the evening.  We were loving Jamie Lawson, ‘Wasn’t expecting that’…and some Leonard Cohen.

I realise that I have rambled on for too long. So now I can’t tell you about Sunday!  It was a horrid day anyway.  It was about Phoebe and the discovery of a tick attached to the back of her little leg. ( Well she has 4 little legs….but one had this disgusting creature stuck onto it…) Suffice to say that it all ended well, and phoebe is asleep.  I am not!  The brain now has a new subject with which to torment me.  It is 04.03am and I have to be up at 7.00am  – it’s going to be a very slooooooow day is Monday me thinks!

So I leave you dear reader, with my 789 words of mundane utterance, and hope that we can find some common interest and have some interaction.  So if you have too much excitement in your life and would like to read more of my musings, or indeed have any comments to make, please subscribe, follow, like, etc you will be very welcome.

Bye for now,

Luv Sharon x


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