Unable to sleep… its 3.21 am…a coughing dog and a heat wave!…Too hot

Here I am again, writing in the middle of the night.  I went to bed before midnight, but woke up at two…a coughing dog…and a heat wave, plus Neuropathic  pain in my feet!!! Not the best conditions for sleeping. The pain is a recurring theme…the other two are rare.  The dog has been retching all day, but otherwise bright and has a good appetite.  Looking up on google has revealed that it could be Kennel Cough!  It seems that it will run its course, and can take a couple of weeks, unless complications occur.  But this is rare.  I will see how she is tomorrow.  Might have to contact the Vet.  I won’t have the car tomorrow, because it’s in the garage having an M.O.T. Isn’t it strange how things happen at once? I mean, I can go weeks without anything happening and then along comes a group of worries.  But Anxiety is a big problem for me.  Something I will be discussing at a later date.

The other challenge to slumber, tonight, is the heat.  It has been a very hot day.  The hottest so far this year.  Over 30 degrees they said on the weather.  That is very unusual for us Brits in the North West.  cards  phoebe hair cut 036Cold and wet are the norm…so when a hot day comes along we are ill prepared.  I love to see the sun shine, but can’t tolerate the heat.  I stayed indoors most of the day, except for an early morning walk with Phoebe (the dog).  It was scorching at 8.30.  Humidity is high tonight and it feels very uncomfortable.  Our homes are not geared up for hot weather.

I spent some time trying to learn about blogging.  I have a lot of work to do yet to get this website looking right.  I don’t know if its even getting out there into the world.  It would be nice if you could leave me a quick comment or a smiley face, so I know that someone is out there.

Well, its 3.55 am.  I should try to get some sleep.  I will leave you for today…

thanks for stopping by,

Sharon x


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