Welcome to Treacle Days and my first Blog post…

So why ‘Treacle?’ Well let me explain…

It’s a long story, but I will try to make it snappy.  Way back in 2004 I had a minor car accident, on my way to work.  It wasn’t my fault, I was stopped at road works; temporary traffic lights.  Just minding my own business, when BANG!!! My car was shunted from behind. I just managed to escape smashing into the car in front by millimetres.!!!  Anyway, I was pretty shook up but unscathed, or so I thought…

Fast forward to a year later, and things looked a little different. persistent pain in my neck, and a sinister tingling in the outer edge of one foot, led to a worsening deteriation of my health.  The tingling turned into a raging, hot knife, stabbing, relentless pain which spread across both feet and then slowly climbed up my legs, following the same pattern in my fingers and both hands.

From then until now, (12years) that pain has never stopped!!!  Medication helps to take the edge off, but there is no treatment. Only pain management.  Nerve damage, they said….Small Fibre Peripherel Nueropathy …No Cure…no it won’t get better…it could get worse…they scratched their heads and puzzled over the cause…but despite all the tests none  could be found.  Idiopathic.

Talk about life changing!!!  I had just completed years of further education. a Degree and a Post Grad in Teaching.  I was looking forward to a new career and a better life.

So now instead of driving in the fast lane, I’m treading grapes, wading through treacle….life has slowed down to almost a standstill!

Basically I’m useless…but I want to do something …I spend too much time browsing social media.  So I thought why not start a blog.  I have so much to say but no one to talk to …only the dog…and the hubby…and they have heard it all…

So here it is….My Blog….Wading Through Treacle…A Pain Warrior’s Journal…the diary of a nobody with nowhere to go and nothing to do….who hasn’t got the energy, anyway, even if she wanted to…maybe someone, somewhere, will be able to relate to this state of nothingness…and if it helps one person to get through that treacle then its all been worthwhile.

Thanks for listening,

Love Sharon xxx







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